We are able to handle special groups for one or two weeks program and on one or two or even four islands combination (Kos - Kalymnos - Leros - Nisyros).

  • Photography (for amateur photographers)
  • Painting (for amateur painters)
  • Cycling
  • Diving
  • Climbing
  • General walking
  • Studying of local architecture
  • Ecological tourism

Generally these packages will be "tailor made" for the participants. Suggest those groups preferably to take place in low season for certain reasons such as: nice temperatures, much easier life for the participants in the islands as in low season are not so crowed, better prices etc. All our packages can be enriched by a large spectrum of sea and land excursions (paid on the spot).



This program is offered for two categories of photographers:

  • Clubs of amateur photographers
  • Schools and trainers

It includes different themes according to preferences as:

  • Archeological sites and castles
  • Sea sports
  • Nature
  • Submarine photographing
  • Country churches
  • Churches and icons
  • Sunset and sunrise
  • Traditional sites of the islands

There is possibility of quick development of colored films, as well as slides and monochrome films upon request. A professional photographer is at the disposal of the participants to acquaint them about the local circumstances of all the technical necessary information.

The development of the films is not included in thepackage. Slide development can only take place at the island of Kos.


This program is aimed at amateur painters:

  • Clubs and Societies of amateur painters
  • Institutes, schools and instructors

The diversity of themes covers a wide variety of styles and subjects:

  • Architectural Treasures and Monuments
  • Cultural and Historical themes
  • Landscapes, Coastline scenery
  • Multicolor Terrains including the

Nisyros volcano

Easy access and proximity allow formultiple visits on subjects location during stay.

The exhibit of the Artwork, is offered as an option. Material are available in Kos Town but are not included in the price.



This is a program addressed to people who like to cycle and enjoy the nature of the islands (Kos - Kalymnos - Nisyros) in asphalt and non asphalt routings.

We can provide to our customers different kinds of mountain bikes. We can offer different routing forone week stay clients but we can adapt these routings according to client's preferences.


This program concerns only the island of Kalymnos, the island of the sponge divers and rock climbing!

The rock-climbing is never monotonous, as there are routes on slabs and walls with delicate moves, or routes on overhangs and roofs with holes and stalagmites.

There are 24 rock climbing fields opened with 250 magnificent tours which constantly change the levels of difficulty and combine harmonically the dreamy seascape with the incomparable charm of the rocks.



In the islands of Kos, Kalymnos and Leros there are diving schools where divers can obtain license valid for all EEC countries.

The courses offered are the following:

  • Open water course
  • Advanced water course
  • Rescue & Medical first aid
  • Dive Master
  • Discover snorkeling
  • Swim diving
  • Discover scuba diving
  • Wreck diving
  • Deep diving
  • Night diving

In all above courses are included:

  • Diving boat
  • Full equipment
  • Instructor who leads the dive


This program is adressed to architects, students or generaly people interested in visiting and studying the architecture-history of monuments, castles, religious sites, constructions, houses, windmills and others through time.

Signs of Venician, Othoman and Italian occupation have been left behind and preserved for people interested in thisscience.

Categories included in the program are:

  • Irrigation constructions, wells, faucets
  • Town squares, roads
  • Domestic houses, town plans
  • Religious monuments
  • Fortifications, castles
  • Industrial construction sites
  • Neoclassic houses

To the many monuments of Kos and neighboring islands, special routes have been planned to enable visitors to discover riches of our islands throughout the years.

Those routes have been studied and planned be scientists specialized in archaeology as well as Byzantine and newer Greek arts in connection with art studies of conquerors from west and east side of our islands area.

Religious tourism

This concerns presentation and visits to sites of worship of B.C. eras, Hellenistic, Byzantine, and Muslim ages.



This program is addressed to people wishing to enrich their holidays with ecological aspects.

Island of Kos

Lakes: places with a big variety of animals (ducks - swans - flamingos - turtles) and a reach flora. This appears so, for the lake of Linopoti as well as for the lake of Psalidi, which is under the E.E.C program "Natura" with special spot for bird watchers.

Salt mine: People used to produce salt, but nowadays is a place for a variety of birds, rare and threatened.

Dikaios mountain: beautiful forest with natural spring cold water.

Thermai: Natural hot springs (SPA) well known from the antiquity for their beneficial and curative effect to humanity. The water comes from a hill into the sea where you can enjoy a unique swimming as well.

Biological waste treatment: In that area there are nests of a rare bird (which you can watch from April to September) with his colored feathers like a rainbow.

Island of Nissyros

Volcano: A volcano in action. worthwhile to be visited. It hastwo craters and a geothermic station, unfinished, due to protest of ecologists.


This program concerns all the islands. A variety of walks will allow young and older alike to enjoy the impressive scenery and the profusion of wild herbs and flowers which cover themountains.

Walking can be combined with bathing in beautiful beachesand eating in picturesque taverns.


As all the programs are tailor made holiday, prices will be given upon request depending on the number of islands, duration of stay, boat transfer, tuition or not, accommodation, number of participants etc.